Team Ineka

A Musher’s Dream: Team Ineka

A Musher’s Dream: Team Ineka


Robert Forto and Michele Forto (authors)

Barbara Slocum (illustrator)

Published by ArcticHouse Publishing (October 2013)

Price: $10.95 plus shipping

Our first Children’s book, A Musher’s Dream: Team Ineka, is now available. The book tells the story of Team Ineka and the journey north to Alaska to train a team of Huskies to one day run in the Iditarod. With wonderful illustrations this book will spark your child’s imagination and bring up conversations of American history.

The book will make a wonderful gift. If you would like to order a copy please click on the link below.

What people are saying about our book:

From: Sid Korpi
I had the privilege of reading a copy of “A Musher’s Dream,Team Ineka,” by Robert and Michele Forto and found it a delightful little book. The illustrations capture your heart and the story of how the spirit of Ineka, the much-beloved husky who passed on before the Fortos realized their Iditarod dream—but who nevertheless continues to inspire it and watch over the progress of the new dogs who joined their household and mushing team—is simply touching.
From April Cox
This wonderful book is geared towards children but I certainly enjoyed it!!! A story about Team Ineka and their dream to run the Iditarod… I do have a personal interest in it as it stars two dogs that came from my kennel… I believe in you Robert Forto and can’t wait for the ending to happen in real life!!!! Then the sequel – Coming into NOME!!!

From Leah Morse

I loved your book “A Musher’s Dream Team Ineka” The story is interesting and the illustrations are wonderful. I read to my grandson of 14months old and he engaged with the pictures (we did a shortened version due to his short baby attention span) He loved pointing at the husky pictures. I think this is a great book for a younger child as a pre- chapter book. Thank you for sharing your experience through the story. It engaged us from an illustrated point and from the story line. I recommend this to all my friends with dog loving kids. Take Care!

One Comment

  1. Jerry G-Pa Owens

    November 1, 2013 at 5:20 pm

    I bought one for my 2 Great-Grand-Boys for stocking stuffers for Christmas. I read it and it’s a great book for all ages…..G-Pa

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