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Race Profile: Race to the Sky

Race to the Sky

One of the biggest races in the lower-48 for dog mushers is Montana’s Race to the Sky. The 350-mile race can be used for one of the three qualifying races for the Iditarod and many of the mushers living down here utilize it as such. The Race to the Sky race has been ran (and won) by some of the greatest mushers of our time and the race’s legacy continues to build. Below you will find some information on this great race or you can visit the website at Race to the Sky.

About Race to the Sky

Montana’s premier winter sporting event is the Race to the Sky. Celebrating our twenty-fifth year, we are recognized as one of the most challenging and beautiful sled dog races in the world. It is an unusual test of physical power, mental toughness, teamwork, and the special bond between man and animal. Working together, they negotiate the trail through Montana’s scenic Rocky Mountains.

Montana Sled Dog, Inc. (the nonprofit parent corporation of Race to the Sky) is a private, non-profit 501(c)3 corporation managed by a volunteer board of directors. Donations are tax deductible as charitable contributions. We are committed to preserving, commemorating, and documenting the historical and traditional use of sled dogs in Montana by offering a 350 mile dogsled race and educational opportunities.

Each year, we draw a growing audience of mushers, volunteers, journalists, photographers, filmmakers, and thousands of spectators.

Race Coverage

ESPN Sports, CNN, NBC Today Show, NBC Nightly News, TNN Country Today, New York Times, USA Today, Country Magazine, Men’s Journal, Horizon Magazine, Mobil Travel Guide, Friendly Exchange, FX Breakfast Time, High Plains News, Headline News, Montana Living Magazine, Montana Motorist AAA, Heartland, Winter Recreation & Travel, Great Sports Vacations, Calgary Sun, Aruba News, Montana Magazine, Outside Magazine, Snow Country, Rocky Mountain Sports, Country Sampler West, Sunset Magazine, CBS, NBC, and ABC Television Stations, all the major Montana newspapers and radio stations, and many Associated Press affiliates have covered Race to the Sky over the years. We are listed in the book 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, too.

What We Have to Offer

Our event brings a special image to mind to the people who hear about us:

* We commemorate the part that dogs played during World War II by starting our race at Camp Rimini War Dog Training and Reception Center each February. The dog mushing camp just outside Helena was used to train sled dogs for war and eventually became a search and rescue training camp. We celebrate the canines for their part in defending our country.

* Montana still possesses 350 miles of uninterrupted pristine multiple use trails and wide-open spaces. We have a healthy respect for these trails.

* Montana possesses unsurpassed natural beauty in its mountains, valleys, water, and wildlife which are easily accessible.

* Dog mushing is a clean and environmentally friendly sport. Dog mushing is quiet, and peaceful. A running dog is a happy dog. Sled dogs, for centuries, have been assisting man with basic transportation and doing what they love to do—run.

* The race provides an opportunity to witness the magical bond between humans and dogs, seeing them work together as a team to meet the special challenges that only this race brings.

* Our friendliness and get-the-job-done attitude allows Montanans to meet the special challenge of hosting a 350 mile continuous endurance dog race. Our efforts are made primarily by hard-working volunteers—no high administration costs.

* We have successfully conveyed our message “Race to the Sky: A Natural High” to Montana students. This motto is presented through school visits, an educational booklet and materials, traveling trunks, and musher symposiums. What better image to build into our children’s future?

* The race builds community by drawing people from all ages and backgrounds to work toward a common goal. We have a positive influence on Montana’s economy while bringing teams, spectators, and volunteers from the U.S. and Canada to see the race.

* Winter can be a slower time of year causing people to become more isolated. We encourage volunteers to get involved and take pride in their event. Race to the Sky actively promotes a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

* We have a proven track record—24 years strong and growing. Race to the Sky is a premier winter event in Montana and with our popularity already in place, partnering with us is a great way to gain visibility. There is positive name recognition with our premier winter event. Children love dogs, parents love the family atmosphere, and sponsors maximize their advertising dollars at the same time gaining a sense of community.


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