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Mush! You Huskies

Mush! You Huskies

By Michele Forto

Starting Saturday December 19, 2009 a new mushing radio program will launch under the Twine Group Radio banner. Mush! You Huskies is hosted by Dr. Robert Forto and his business partner, wife, handler and greatest fan, Michele. Mush! You Huskies can be heard bi-weekly on Blogtalkradio on Saturdays at 11:00 am Mountain time.

Mush! You Huskies is brought to you by Denver Dog Works, Team Ineka and Dog Works Training Centers. The host, Dr. Robert Forto is a musher training for his first Iditarod run in 2013 and is bringing this show to you for several reasons: First, to bring insight, education and awareness to dog sledding. Second, to establish a listenership to a show that is like no other Mush! You Huskies will have frequent guests, recreational to Iditarod musher interviews, reviews of dog powered sports, call-in’s, chat, live email, and video about everything dog sledding. Third, Robert is looking for corporate and individual sponsors to help get his team to Nome in a few years.

In the coming weeks on Mush! You Huskies we will discuss: dog driving dynasties such as the Reddington Family, Seppala, Butcher, Jonrowe, Buser and more. We will discuss training a dog team, sled dog psychology, training leaders and communication. We will discuss the history of the sport. Dog Sledding has such a rich history that few know about it; from the Siberian dog drivers, to the diphtheria serum run, to the Iditarod, mushing in the lower 48 (states) and all over the world. We will discuss mushing in the Olympic games and the future of the sport.

Dr. Robert Forto has been a musher since he was a teenager when he bought his first Siberian, Axl and has been involved in the sport in varying degrees for more than 20 years. In 2000, Robert wanted to go back to school so he sought out a doctorate program that would allow him to write about what he truly loved, dogs and the sport of dog sledding. In 2005, he earned his doctorate and defended his dissertation successfully, Chasing the Dream: The History of Human-Canine Communication in the Sport of Dog Sledding (2005).

Team Ineka has been duly named after our Siberian Husky, Ineka.  You can view photos of Ineka on his website  Ineka will post short stories monthly discussing the dogs in the team that he will be in charge of and will welcome fellow lead dogs insight and suggestions.  Ineka has retired from his lead dog duties on the sled but he still manages to keep everything and everyone in check.

You can follow Team Ineka and Mush! You Huskies on Facebook, Twitter, on our weekly blog and through our website:

If you have any show suggestions or topics, would like to be on the show or know someone that we should interview please contact our studio at or by phone at 303-578-9881. We would love to hear from you!

See you on the trail!


Michele Forto is the business manager for Dog Works Training Centers and the co-host of The Dog Doctor Radio Show and Mush! You Huskies. Michele is also the lead trainer and contact for The Ineka Project in which she trains service dogs for a multitude of impairments. Michele can be reached through her website at

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